unique artwork & gifts...created at the beach from the heart

A friend from college reached out to me a few months ago, in hopes of creating the perfect gift for her mother for Mother’s Day.  She said that their song was “You Are My Sunshine” so we decided to spread the lyrics across 3 wood boards and add beachy colors – her mom loved it!  Then just a couple weeks ago, she asked me to work on another gift, this time from her dad to her mom for her birthday – she is one lucky lady to have a daughter and husband who love her so much!  He wanted me to paint a photo of them with their grandson on the beach.  He also wanted it to be about the same size and colors as the sunshine piece.  Here’s what we came up with –

Portraits and quote signs are a very special way to let your loved ones know how much they mean to you!

"You Are My Sunshine" wood sign

family beach portrait - the inspiration for the painting

ocean and sky background

some body work completed

more detail added

finished portrait