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Just recently, Staci and Brandon Goodman’s daughter, Graylen won my “Precious Baby Contest” on Facebook.  Their prize was an 8×10 painting of the photo that was submitted.  I asked Staci for her story – pre-pregancy, pregnancy, and life now with their precious daughter.  Here it is –

I love babies, always have and always will! When I got married to my hubby, it was obvious that we wanted to have kids.  After our 2nd year of trying, I started getting super defeated and started wondering if something was wrong and we couldn’t have kids.  We finally just decided to stop trying for a while and if it happened then great and if not, we would talk about going to see a doctor in the future.  Well, that same month I found out I was pregnant. There was no better feeling in the world, but it was also a scary feeling.  Were we ready to be parents?  Were we ready to take care of and put another human being in our care?  Were we ready to give up rollercoasters and all the things we love doing as a couple?  Basically, were we ready to quit living selfishly and start living for our baby?

Pretty crazy thoughts went through my head, but I didn’t care…I was FINALLY going to be a mommy to a precious baby girl, someone I had been praying for for years.  I was just reminded of God’s faithfulness, how He keeps his promises and He truly granted us the desires of our hearts.  I had a super easy pregnancy, really.  The only symptom I had was in the first trimester, I was super sleepy.  I would have killed you for a candy apple.  And, heartburn is the devil.  And so is gaining 28 pounds.  It’s crazy too how no one tells you about postpartum.  I cried a lot.  LOL.  She was just so tiny and I loved her so much, but that didn’t last that long.

She has made me such a better person.  I adore our cuddles, her giggles with her daddy, her playing with our golden retriever, our cool whip painting play times….everything!  She has completely changed our life and I honestly can’t wait for more.  But, my husband might battle me on that!

photo taken by Sweet Lemon Photography

finished portrait