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Whitney Hempsey – mom, wife, breastfeeding educator, doula, photographer, and advocate of natural, healthy, and no fear pregnancy and childbirth – needless to say, an inspiring woman.  Here is the story (in her own words) behind the photo that she had me turn into a painting…

This image is so special to me for many reasons. After struggling to breastfeed my other children and never making it past a few weeks, I began researching and seeking as much information as possible to help me breastfeed my youngest son. All during my pregnancy I read, scoured the internet, attended La Leche League meetings and sought advice from any breastfeeding mom I could find. I felt as prepared as I could possibly be to reach my goal of nursing for 1 year, and I was successful! This image was taken by my wonderful friend Melissa Skidmore at our two year “nursiversary”.

To me, this image represents success and triumph over the hurdles we faced, but it is so much more than that. The connection I have with my youngest son, Eli, is something I have never experienced before. I am in complete awe of my amazing body as well, I was never able to fully appreciate it before. Not until I realized that the same body that carried and grew my babies for those 40 weeks before delivering them into my arms was also capable of providing everything they needed to nourish and sustain them after they were born. Here we are 2 1/2 years later, pregnant with my 4th son, and still going strong. This beautiful painting will be hanging proudly in my bedroom as a daily reminder of what an incredible gift we have been given.

Breastfeeding is something that I am intensely passionate about for many reasons. I have been honored to encourage and advise other new moms along the way to help them become successful in nursing their own little ones. My photography business, Studio412 Imagery, has partnered with the Horry County Breastfeeding Bag Project to do a bi-annual breastfeeding mini session each spring and fall. I just love being able to provide nursing mothers with these images of the amazing connection they share with their children.

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photo taken by Melissa Skidmore

the sketch

adding color and shading

more detail in hair, hands, and face