unique artwork & gifts...created at the beach from the heart

This past fall, I participated in the Springmaid Beach Holiday Arts & Crafts Festival.  This was my first year selling my artwork, but I’ve attended as a shopper for quite a few years.  During my three days, I kept busy with customizing ornaments and wood signs in between gazing out at the ocean.  Some customers were more creative than others with their requests – Beverly and Trista were two of these people.  They ordered a couple of unique pieces at the show, including a surf inspired necklace and beach scene with city skyline – both pieces to remind the girls of home, once they moved to Alaska.  About a month ago, Beverly contacted me from Alaska, to paint another piece – this time as a gift to her parents, who still live in Charleston.  Here’s her story…

My family is no stranger to moving.  Growing up, we moved around quite a bit because we were a military family.  When we were all grown up, nothing changed.  Circumstances kept pulling the four of us apart, but we were always a close family at heart.

Recently, my sister got stationed in Alaska through the Air Force.  She lived there for about two years and then invited me to live with her after I graduated from college.  This was a huge move for me and even though I was extremely excited, I was also sad to leave my parents again.  I mean, South Carolina to Alaska is over 4,000 miles.  That’s a long drive.

Two nights before I left, my dad gave my mom and I a little box with a bow on top.  When we opened it we found a key chain with a full moon and the quote, “the same moon around the world”.  It’s crazy that those six little words can mean so much to a family.  It’s a reminder that no matter how far apart we are we can always look up at the moon and know that we’re not really so far after all.

After living in Alaska for a month (and loving it) I thought I would surprise my parents with something a little bigger than a key chain to remind them of the love and bond their two daughters will always have with them no matter what.

Thank you for sharing and allowing me to be part of your story!