unique artwork & gifts...created at the beach from the heart

Lately, I’ve had some unique requests for custom paintings, which honestly makes my job much more challenging and fun!

The first was for a beach scene on an antique bow saw. A friend of mine who sells collectibles and antiques had this old saw and decided he wanted to turn it into a piece of art. I accepted the challenge off the bat and then went home and figured out how the heck I was going to tackle it (with the help of my amazing mother in law, Karen).

The first step was to sketch out the design and have my husband (with a new workbench and saw – he loves wood projects!) help cut out a wooden sailboat and inserts that would later be attached to the saw, adding more dimension and surface to paint on.  Next, I sanded all the wood sections to create better grip for the paint.

I taped off the sides to leave some of the rustic wood and then got to painting, but not before turning on the Oldies Pandora station!  After the paint was dry, I stained the wood sides and gave it a gloss clearcoat and we were good to go!

This project was neat because the client let me get creative and do my thing.  He just wanted it to be “beachy”.  Hopefully I achieved that!