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Hey guys, welcome to my site, you stopped by during a wonderful time of year, actually, if it weren’t for the cold weather, it might even be my favorite time of year!  Nevertheless, I love Christmas and the joy that it brings to so many.  The fortunate have a chance to count their blessings and there’s plenty of opportunities to help the less fortunate with their needs and wants.  It seems like everyone is more generous with their money and time and my hope is that one day it won’t just be around Christmas that that happens!

Anyway, my husband, Mike and I have been looking into donating some stuff from the house, that we no longer need or want.  We’re trying to simplify our life and at the same time give back in a small way.  Trying to find the right home for this “stuff” has proven to be more difficult than expected.  In the past, we’ve donated to thrift stores, but never seem to hear anything about those donations making it into needy hands.  But, after some research and suggestions from friends, we were able to find a few great places around Myrtle Beach, where we live, that have Christmas and year round programs to help the homeless, poor, less fortunate, or at risk.  Here’s a list of charities that either need item, time, or monetary donations.  If you aren’t in the Myrtle Beach area, just google “your town” and “charities” and you’ll be surprised how many pop up!

Myrtle Beach Directory of Charitieshttp://www.charity-charities.org/charities/SC/MyrtleBeach.html

Street Reach – Homeless Shelter http://www.helpstreetreach.com/

They need: Disposable plates, Disposable bowls, Disposable 8oz. cups, Napkins, Utensils,Trash bags, Aluminum foil, Plastic wrap, Sugar, Salt & pepper, Coffee & filters, Creamer, Pancake Mix, Syrup, Bathroom tissue, Paper towel, Pine Sol, Bleach, Laundry detergent (not Tide), Dish soap, Windex, Comet, Mop heads, 8.5″ x 11″ copy paper, Gasoline gift card, 56 & 57 ink cartridges, Book bags, Underwear, Socks

Fostering Hope – Providing basic needs to Foster Children – http://www.fosteringhopeinc.com/volunteer.asp

They need: Underwear, Hygiene Items, Fleece Blankets, Pajamas, Socks, Sneakers, Duffle Bags, Bras

Sea Haven– Extending a helping hand to youth at risk – http://www.seahaveninc.com/donate.html

Help by:

  • Donating or coordinating donations of personal items, household goods, food, personal hygiene items, first aid supplies, baby items, car seats, toys and other items needed by homeless youth
  • Purchase a tank of gas for youth to drive to and from work or arrange payment for cab fair
  • Donating can foods and snack items for Sea Haven’s Back pack program, “Combat Hunger”
  • Donating discounted or free passes for area activities

Community Kitchen – Dedicated to feeding anyone who is hungry –  http://www.communitykitchenmb.org

They need:

Paper Products
Styrofoam Disposable Divided Plates, 12 ounce Disposable Plastic Cups, Aluminum Foil – Heavy Duty, Marathon Multifold Paper Napkins, Heavy Duty Plastic Wrap-Restaurant Size, Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil-Restaurant Quality, Metal Forks – 35 pack from Sam’s

Cleaning Products
Dawn Dish Detergent, Clorox Bleach, Clorox Clean Up, 55 Gallon Drum Liners (Trash Bags)

Food Items (Large # 10 Cans)
Tuna Fish, Pork and Beans, Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Rice (large bags), Instant Mashed Potatoes, Coffee, Sugar, Lipton Sweetened Ice Tea Mix, Pam

Abiding Village – Self-expression and life transformation through the arts – http://www.abidingvillage.org/

Help by:

  • Donating art supplies, snacks for after school programs, musical instruments, theatre props/costumes, toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies
  • Volunteering to help mentor youth, run special programs/workshops, assist with classes, art gallery, and daily duties

If you know an individual or family that needs help with Christmas this year or want to help a stranger, don’t hesitate, you may have exactly what they need – food, clothing, quality time, help with daily chores, used items (one man’s trash is another man’s treasure), or financial help.  Believe it or not, you get what you give and they may be able to offer you something even more precious than any material thing.

In the spirit of giving, our church, Christ United Methodist will be putting on an absolutely FREE Christmas Show called Taste of Christmas, for the 4th year in a row.  The show is always fantastic and full of variety – dancing, singing, drama, and comedy!  Invite everyone you know to “unwrap the joy of the season” with sweets, treats, and entertainment, all while remembering the reason we celebrate!

Watch the Taste of Christmas commercial – http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=463206146366