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This is my mom, her name is Daphne Dukehart, so she is legitimately Mama Dukes.  Throughout the years, she’s received other nicknames such as, Big Mama – when she was pregnant with my younger brother, Daffy – after Daffy Duck and a play on her first name, and the Bulldog – given to her by my Dad, who knows she will “sic” (attack) any person or problem that threatens our family!  She is an amazing mother, friend, and cheerleader.

About a month ago, she and my Dad were able to come help and hang out at my first big art festival, which was such a blessing.  Unfortunately at the same time, Mike, my husband and right hand man wound up sick in the hotel room with pneumonia.  Luckily, the rents were there to save the day, I couldn’t have done the festival without them, and Mike was able to rest up at the same time.

My family has been so supportive of this business and they are truly my biggest fans.  They embrace my phone calls (at least a couple times a week) with my latest and greatest (usually pretty unrealistic) ideas.  Sometimes I take them for granted, but there are certain days that it just hits me, how lucky I am to have such a wonderful support system.  We all need words of encouragement from time to time to get us through a rough patch or to just give us that push that launches us into something new and great.  My family and friends have had faith in me even when I haven’t and that has meant the world to me.

So, share encouraging words with someone in your family, a friend, or a total stranger, you never know what that small gesture might lead to.

I know sometimes I just need someone to say, “you can do it!” and then I believe I can.

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