unique artwork & gifts...created at the beach from the heart

If you haven’t noticed, I’m obsessed with trees and silhouettes, but just recently contemplated why.

The silhouette is a simple shape with little to no variation in color that makes a bold statement.  It can be curvy or straight but that’s as complex as it gets. Overall, I like the simplicity.

Trees – they represent growth, life, change, fruitfulness, strength, stability, and family.  They symbolize all good things.

This specific curvy tree mimics the “S” curve of my spine and my struggle with scoliosis.

I was diagnosed with scoliosis in middle school and shortly after found out that I needed a back brace.  I resisted this change terribly, to the point of major blowouts with my parents and running away on several occasions.  Not only did I have to deal with normal teen issues, but I had to wear a bulky, restrictive brace that I didn’t believe would help me.  At the time, this was devastating to me and I wanted nothing more than to have a straight back and a normal childhood.  I would pray about it constantly and whenever I had an eyelash, wishbone, or birthday wish, it would be for my back to be straight.

Even through my meltdowns and constant resistance, my family was there for me.  They put up with my shit and stood by my side through my anger, pain, denial, negativity and sadness.

This tree is for the family and friends that I have grown with through good times and bad.  They are my support, they keep me on the right track, and they’ve helped me stay strong even when my back wasn’t.

The summer after my first year at college, I had scoliosis surgery, where they attached two metal rods to my spine, which acted as an internal brace.  My curve improved significantly and against doctor’s orders, I’ve been able to enjoy almost everything that I could do before the operation, including roller coasters, surfing, and horse back riding (all heavy impact and not recommended!).  I can’t really do backbends or put my feet on my head, like I once could, but I did win a limbo contest!

Everything worked out and the surgery changed my life, but I wouldn’t have made it through without my family and friends.  They taught me about unconditional love and the strength that is gained from coming together.

Em”brace” change!