unique artwork & gifts...created at the beach from the heart

Let me just say, sometimes paintings have a mind of their own and this one is an example of that.

I started out with rings of color in the background, set it aside and tried to start another painting.  I looked over again and wasn’t happy with the spacing of the colors, so I started messing with it.  The paint wasn’t cooperating for my original idea, so I just let go and this happened.

I’ve been thinking about kids a lot lately, I guess you could say in a maternal way.  Mike and I have been talking about what we will do when we start a family – teaching them funny words, taking them cool places, what we would like them to call us (I think I like “Ma”) and we even talked about what our grandkids will call us (I went with “Ethel” to mix it up, Mike was barely amused).

Anyway, back to the point…I have babies on the mind and heart and what happened in this painting was a shape resembling a fetus inside a womb abstractly appeared.  Yes, this might be a reach, but it’s actually all I can see now and I didn’t mean to do it.

Is it time for kids?