unique artwork & gifts...created at the beach from the heart


Whenever possible, I try to use items that have been thrown out or aren’t needed for their original purpose and give them new life – we call it upcycling! From wood to screen to doors and windows.

Personalized Experience

Open communication with my clients throughout a project is huge to me. I want everyone to be happy with the final piece of art and I will always take your ideas into consideration.


Let’s work together on a fundraiser, mural project, marketing campaign, logo, children’s book…the possibilities are endless! Have an idea? Send it my way.

Colorful Words

A friend, who received this painting as a gift back in 2009, just recently asked me a few questions about it for an art appreciation class in college.  I don't usually take the time to write down the meaning behind my paintings, but more often than not, there is a...

8 Reasons Why “Good Enough” Is Underrated

After my first year of motherhood and 32 years in this world, I'm here to tell you that "good enough" and "better than nothing" are two of the most underrated mindsets we have in today's society. We are taught from birth to strive for perfection, to be the best, to...

Beach Memories Birthday Gift

A friend from college reached out to me a few months ago, in hopes of creating the perfect gift for her mother for Mother's Day.  She said that their song was "You Are My Sunshine" so we decided to spread the lyrics across 3 wood boards and add beachy colors - her mom...